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Integrative Primary Care

LKN Wellness, located in Mooresville, North Carolina provides direct, integrative primary care for people of all ages, from newborns to older adults. Kate Thompson, FNP-C and her team take a holistic approach to managing your health. With direct primary care, you pay a set monthly fee that covers all primary care and sick visits.

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Experience the Difference!


Why Direct Primary Care Membership? 

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative membership model that allows patients access to their primary care provider for a simple, flat, affordable monthly fee.  This model allows patients and providers the time they need to create a trusting and enduring therapeutic relationship.  It allows for the use of technology and telemedicine to ensure patients have convenient access to care. Finally, it allows for the provider to exercise medical freedom, providing patients with the options of natural, holistic healing remedies as well as pharmaceutical when needed. 


  • Authentic Patient + Provider Relationship

  • Direct Communication 

  • Same + Next Day Visits

  • Extended + Relaxed Appointments

  • Holistic Patient Care 

  • Integrative Treatment Options

  • Home Visits when Appropriate


  • Optimize Function + Overall Wellness

  • Customized Health Regimens

  • Natural Healing + Allopathic Remedies

  • Less Visits to Urgent Care or ER

  • Detailed Management of Specialty Care

  • Exercise Medical Freedom + Vaccine Choice

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Collaboration with Complimentary Therapists + Dieticians


  • Low Monthly Cost for Quality Care

  • Deeply Discounted Labs 

  • Ability to use Insurance for Labs if Desired

  • No Hidden Fees or Co-pays

  • Discounted LKN Wellness IV Services

  • Discounted Supplements

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