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LKN Wellness

An Elite Healthcare Experience

Customized, with No Membership Requirement!

One with extended patient visits, undivided attention, close communication with your provider, follow-up, and next-level collaboration.

We believe patients should be cared for as a whole being, and doing so is our standard.

We provide a quality of healthcare
we believe everyone deserves.

We're Ready. Are You? 


Christin D. 

If holistic care is important to you, and you seek natural remedies before you jump into prescriptions- she is your provider.

Vonda D. 

Kate and staff are so educated, accommodating and wonderful to work with and answered multiple questions I had and made great suggestions.

Margaret A.

Taking them (twins) to the doctor use to be a dreaded experience for all of us (lots of tears) but not anymore! Kate is so patient and kind with them and her office provides them with a peaceful environment. I'm so grateful she expanded her business to include primary care!

Buffy L. 

I have finally found a knowledgeable medical partner to navigate my health journey with. Visits with Kate are thorough and never rushed whether on line or in the office. I highly recommend her practice!

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